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3 kg cake size

The best bakery shop in Chennai to send cakes to your loved ones is Cake Square. Our cake shops are located all over chennai for your easy access to order your cakes.

This cute little 3kg cake is for your perfect little mins shoes who likes pink and perfection on everything. Enjoy and celebrate life. Birthdays are always special, Make it extra special with our beautiful range of birthday cakes.

What can be more special than a wedding cake, Make heads turn with our custom design wedding cake. The Ombre roses is the beauty touch of the cake with miss little bunny,her bibles and her friends and duckhings are present here to celebrate the winner. Write your little girls name on the flag and see their smile. We suggest you to get it delivered on the prime day. Pickups can be done only by a car with one or more person to hold the cake.

For Birthdays give us one week time and book the cake at the earliest. For the Bigday Wedding 10 days prior booking is the last chance. It would be advisable not to give us short notices.

Click Here to download our menu. View Cart. A Simple and Elegant flavored cake to express your love to your loved ones. Order Now.Track Order. Email Us. Showing products deliverable to only. USD Show More products Your newsletter subscription has been activated. We will not share your email address except as described in our Privacy Policy. Every celebration calls for a cake as it just adds on to the happiness.

Cake is a perfect gift for anyone to cherish any kind of occasion. Cakes are believed to be a traditional yet an exciting way to celebrate special events and accomplishments.

There is no one who doesn't like to be treated and gifted with this delicacy. We, IGP. We promise you to serve the best two kg cakes we have, to make your occasion even more special and memorable.

With us by your side, you can easily send 2 kg cakes online to your friends and relatives. Gifting a cake largely depends on the event you want it for. You have to decide about "what size cake" is right by having an estimate of the number of people who are going to binge on it.

For example, if you are ordering it for a birthday party, and you have an idea about the number of people in the gathering, you can go for bigger cakes, like 2 kg pineapple cake or 2 kg chocolate cake etc. In the same way, if you are gifting it to an individual or for a family, the size of your cake could be 1 kg or less. When it comes to ordering, you can easily order 2 kg chocolate cake from our gifting portal. Besides birthday cakes, you can also send wedding anniversary cakes online from IGP.

Cakes are a gesture of pure love and affection. They are best perceived when delivered on a perfect day and time. So, whether you are ordering for 2 kg anniversary cakes or birthday cakes, we will make them more special and memorable with our value-added services like same day delivery, midnight delivery, etc.

When it comes to selecting a cake, we have plethora of mouth-watering options to choose from. While our fruit cakes will add a splash of fruits and cream in your mouth, that mesmerizing pink strawberry cake will convey your love in a delicious way. Apart from these cakes, we also have chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, black forest cakes and butter scotch cakes to give a blissful treat to your taste buds. Talking about the occasions, apart from birthdays and anniversaries, you can also get a 2 kg wedding cake online.

For a 2 kg birthday cake online deliveryyou have to select a flavor while placing the order and if required, you can also choose a preferred date and time for delivering. You can easily send 2 kg birthday cakes for boyfriends and girlfriends, even for those who are away from you. Treat your friends and family members with tasty 2 kg cakes that is enough for the entire group or clan. You can also order cake online in Akota, Baroda from IGP and celebrate special occasions of the dear ones who enrich your life with their presence.

With IGP. We have chocolate truffle cakes, which are so indulging, and chocolate black forest cakes, which are adorned with whipped cream, chocolate chips and cherries. If these are not enough to tempt you, we have dark chocolate cakes to allow you to sink in its rich taste. Book delectable 2 kg cakes for free delivery in India, and let your loved ones know how much important they are to you. Buy 2 kg cakes online in India with IGP.

Being the best gift discovery platform, we understand the need of the each and every type of recipient and recommend gifts according to the relationship and personality.Cakes come in many sizes, shapes, and configurations.

That can make it tricky to know what cake design is appropriate for the number of guests you expect for an event. Fortunately, you can get a general idea of how many portions you can cut from standard cake sizes, whether it's a sheet cake or a tiered wedding cake. A square cake will yield more portions than a round or heart-shaped cake. While sponge cakes are most popular and pretty standard for events, the type of cake will also determine the number of portions you can cut from it.

When you choose a sponge cake, you can use the size of the cake to determine the average number of pieces to expect from a single layer.

The chart offers an approximate portion based on slices that are cut 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. Most ceremonial wedding cakes are made with two or more layers of cake, with icing between each layer.

Slices are typically 4 inches high and 2 inches long by 1 inch wide. When estimating the size of a wedding cake, assume the serving size will be at least that big and then figure out how many are needed for the guest count. Always add extra servings because you may end up inviting more guests than you initially planned for or people may want second helpings. Additionally, consider whether the portions are meant to be a dessert or the cake-cutting is more ceremonial in nature: Dessert portions should be bigger than the traditional 2-inch by 1-inch piece of cake.

Cutting different tiers of a cake to get the correct number of portions can be confusing, especially with round or heart-shaped creations. Before the reception or event, create a plan for how the cake should be cut to avoid running out or having too much cake leftover. Exclude the top tier from your calculations because you may choose to remove it and keep it for the couple's first anniversary. Professional cake decorators use a specific cutting method to ensure neat, uniform pieces, depending on the cake's shape:.

Using those cutting methods, you can estimate how many pieces of cake your tiered creation will produce. The chart can help you determine what size to make your cake based on the number and size of your tiers. Otherwise, the cake will not be stable or proportionate. Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan, you end up with either too few slices or too much cake.

Cupcakes can be configured into an elegant configuration on stands and you can bake only the number of cupcakes you need for each guest. No cutting or math required!When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue.

I have a question about sheet cakes Does anyone know what this translates to in pan size? I only have an 11x15 at this time, and just curious how to 'label' it. Also, from the reasearch I've done, an 11x15 sheet feeds about 30 people.

Do you all usually put a second layer on sheets to double the servings?

3 kg cake size

Or just leave it the single layer. I'm really new to sheet cakes, I usually do rounds and tiers.

Cake Size and Serving Chart

A commercial full sheet is 16" x 24". They are baked in 16" x 24" bakeable cardboard trays that fit into the Bun pans flat surface portion which are used during baking for support and handling purposes. A true commercial full sheet 16" x 24" serves 96 unit wt. Welcome, my sheets are as follows 9x13 is quarter, 11x15 is a third and 12x18 is a full.

These are the sizes that I offer and I sell them not as a sheet but a rectangle as I double them with a filling and I double the servings. A sheet is typically one layer that you get from the grocer. If you flip your pan over you can measure how many serving you can get from that pan using 2" for your sizes.

So yes, your 11x15 will make 30 servings one layer or 60 for two. This is what I found when I did a search for your answer. The rectangular pan that most home bakers are familiar with and that 1 box of Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker or Pillsbury cake mix will make one of is the quarter sheet pan, which measures 13"x9", with a depth of either 2 or 3 inches. If you laid 4 of these pans together, this would be approx.

Hopefully the "chart" below will answer your other questions. The 12x18 is a half sheet Ok sorry about the rant! LOL What I have done is let go of the sizes and just go by servings. I have found that people understand more of how many people they want to feed.You can select "Check Out as Guest" on the PayPal page and complete your payment with just your credit card.

Navigation Menu Click on the menu icon to find all your favorite sections! Returning Customer? Remember Me Forgot Password? Forget Password We will reset your password and send it to your registered email address shortly. Terms and Conditions. All prices quoted are based on standard cake flavours chocolate and vanilla.

Other sizes may be available depending on design. For cakes below 3kg, 2 days advance notice is required. For cakes 3kg and above, 4 days advance notice is required.

Half KG Cakes

Advance notice required is subject to cake design and flavours. No cancellation is allowed on confirmed orders 48 hours before collection time. All deposits are non-refundable. Prices, terms and conditions, cake designs and wordings are subject to change without prior notice.

No customised cake inscriptions for all cakes less than 1 kg. Choice of Cake Base Chocolate or Vanilla. Please call to confirm availability and charges for the above cake base and fillings. Facebook feeds. We use cookies on this website to enhance your online experience. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of such cookies. You can disable them at any time by changing the settings in your web browser. To learn more about how we use cookies, please visit our Personal Data Protection Policy.

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Cake and Baking Pan Size Conversions

Serving Guide Number of people.I have a question for you. Do you bake with cake mixes? If so, have you noticed that companies are putting out smaller cake mixes? At first it was Duncan Hines and now Pillsbury.

With the exception of my favorite chocolate cakeI always recommend Pillsbury mixes for my recipes. However, awhile back, they changed up their mixes. At the very least, the amount of mix in the box is smaller now So far, this is working for me! The fantastic Anne Byrn known for her wonderful The Cake Mix Doctor cookbooks suggests adding flour to the cake mixes. She gives different methods of doing this including by weight or measuring with a tablespoon or measuring cup. For me, I once measured the extra cake mix and 3 ounces of cake mix is approximately half a cup.

So, do you have any questions? Have you had any problems with the smaller mixes? Had you even noticed? Please leave any thoughts or questions in the comments!!

3kg red velvet cake recipe - മൂന്ന് കിലോ റെഡ് വെൽവെട് കേക്ക്

Rose Atwater is the founder and cake decorator behind Rose Bakes. She is baker, cake decorator, author, wife to Richy and homeschooling mommy to 6 wonderful kiddos! I do not have a scale. Did it turn out? Water, oil, eggs, etc. So what I do is simply make 2 cakes of the same in separate bowls and add a couple of mix from the other cake. What do I do with the rest of the mix?

I make cup cakes for my grandkids or give it to the neighbors. Hopefully they will turn out ok! They should have increased the price to see how if they would sell. I would pay extra to avoid this mess!!!!! It sounds as if the cake mix companies need to get thousands and thousands of letters from unhappy bakers telling them we are VERY dissatisfied with the sneaky little trick they tried to play on the American consumer.

When the gas crisis first appeared several years ago I dealt with companies in San Diego. This one particular company began adding not one but TWO additional small charges onto every bill they mailed.

The first was a 15 cent billing fee.

3 kg cake size

They were charging ME or sending ME their bill. I was outraged and expressed that but I think they just laughed at the customers.Track Order. Email Us. Showing products deliverable to only. USD 8. USD 9.

3 Kg Cakes

USD Show More products Your newsletter subscription has been activated. We will not share your email address except as described in our Privacy Policy. Have you ever imagined a birthday or wedding anniversary celebration sans cake? No, it is not possible to enjoy any occasion without this spongy creamy and absolutely irresistible delicacy called cake. Half kg cakes are something that makes for a source of ultimate happiness while being light on pocket.

Half kg cakes are perfect for small parties or family celebrations. But, if you are living away from your dear ones and wish to send them cakes online, then the best and the most trustworthy of all online gift shops is IGP. Trust IGP. If you are not aware, let me tell you this, IGP. We, IGP. From cakes in different sizes and weights to eggless and egg-based cakes to regular cakes and five-star designer cakes, we have a breath-taking collection of cakes that will definitely spoil you for choice.

And rest assured, our cakes will not burn a hole in your pocket. Our half Kg cakes are a delight to the senses. Our cake catalogue includes black forest cake, chocolate chip cake, chocolate truffle cake that is made in lip-smacking layers of chocolate, strawberry cakes, succulent pineapple cakes, topped with cherries and pineapple pieces, and classic vanilla cakes.

Online Birthday Cake is just one click away! Browse through an array of delicious and pretty cakes for every occasion at IGP. We also provide midnight delivery and same day delivery of half kg cakes to make the birthday of your loved ones all the more special and full of pleasant surprises.

And since we have a super-efficient half kg cake delivery onlineyou have no reason to worry about online gifting for cakes. For an anniversary, a two tier cake layered with dollops of whipped cream is perfect to make celebration special.

Also, to add a premium touch to your gift, opt to order five star cakes from IGP. We provide you option of clubbing cakes with flower arrangements to make the gift all the more special.