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I'd like to get an extra spare key for my MTS so my partner can keep it on her for opening panniers and top box. Is it possible to get a key cut or can I order one from Ducati?

Any ideas on cost? Yes, I had an extra cut so I could put it in the front compartment for ease of fueling. You could give your partner the passive key that comes with the bike. Nuke Post x 1. Ride: Hypermotard s and Panigale track only. Andy Many thanks.

Just what I'm looking for. Excellent point Andy. Looks like I bought a Red one. You live and learn. Strange as they Riders, Bridgwater sold me the blank non transponder 'black key'! Yeah that's the one Ducati blank key: A.

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Like x 1. I got one from my local locksmith for a tenner including cutting. Useful x 1. Work like a dream. I didn't get the transponders done as I only wanted the keys for luggage and petrol cap.Site Sponsors Site Sponsor Inquiries. Thread starter Toys1 Start date Jan 27, Tags keys replacement. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Feb 40 Wichita, KS. Hi all. Bought my S a few month ago and lost both of my keys.

When I bought the bike, I was told by the dealer salesman that if I lose my keys, I can use the key code to get a duplicate key. That was from Eurosport cycle of Forth Worth. I then tried Ducati dealer in Kansas City and they told me I need to 2 new keys, new key code, new ECU, tank cap, seat lock, and new dash. And they don't even have a price for that at the moment.

ducati key replacement

Did anyone went through this problem? It seems like the technician didn't know what he's talking about cuz they asked me if I lost my red key or black key. I had both S and S and none has any red keys or black key together. They both the same keys. And, with the VIN, key code, proof of ownership, that should give them enough info to make duplicate keys.

I understand some keys might need to be programmed to the ECU or cloning the chip, etc. Bbut, replacing other components is just doesn't seem right. Please help!!! Tried Ducati of Omaha but they were closed at the time. Will try back tomorrow since they're sponsor of this forum and seems like Matt knows about Ducati better than the other places. Feb 1, TX. Prepare your anus.

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Is there a way I can just by pass the ignition and all? I might just turn it into a track bike.Site Sponsors Site Sponsor Inquiries. Key card for Dash replacement. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Apr 1, Perth, Western Australia. Hey guys did anyone get a key card with their bike? My dealer changed the dash today the first one they've done but then rang me asking for the key card.

I said I had never seen one, just a spare key. They then asked around at the dealer and neither the techs or the sales people could recall seeing one. So now we are waiting on someone from Ducati Australia Frasers to tell them what to do! Does anyone else have this mystical key card or a similar experience when replacing the dash? May 80. WAfatboy said:.

ducati key replacement

Feb 49 Fairfax VA. You know that's funny you mention that On my I did have a keycard and on this one I haven't received anything. Does this model not include it? Is that the card that Ducati NA sent to me with the bike and owner info? Reactions: 1 person. Jan 78 Florida. Kaido - ordered about 10 days ago,yes I use Frasers Mundman - no, I have that one, apparently not it!

Germcati - correct that's what they were looking for before they realised they had never seen one for a Panigale. Will report back tomorrow when I've heard more.Jump to content.

Posted 17 March - AM. Posted 17 March - PM. Posted 18 March - AM. Posted 18 March - PM. Posted 19 March - AM. Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. View New Content. With my luck i've lost both keys, the red one and black one. Currently I can't drive my bike, I can use the pin but that doesn't help me with much; when it comes to refilling gas, then i'm stuck.

I find it to be ridiculous that the dealer doesn't store the key code. They have all my information stored but one simple little code couldn't be saved?

Thanks in advance. Posted 17 March - AM How do we know you didn't steal the bike? Posted 17 March - AM Wow! There is a 10 key limit per VIN. The key comes from the fatherland. I can't imagine Ducati does not keep a record of the key code that matches the VIN. You have to provide proof of ownership to the dealer in order for the dealer to order the key.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Results 1 to 20 of Join Date It's just a simple physical backup with a passive no battery transponder. A dealer like Ducati Glasgow should be able to do you a new one and mate it to the existing ECU without any fuss. The reason is I have sold them the Multistrada Thanks Nick. Originally Posted by Nickr The red key is unlike the black key.

The hex code in the transponder enables the programming of the clocks and ECU to take place. Only the original coding from the very first Red Key will work with your bike. If all is well with your bike then not having a red key is not an issue.

Replacement cost of Black Ducati Key Fob

Should you lose one of your black keys then Ducati John can clone you a key from the remaining one. DG advised you correctly, none of the dealers will be able to program you a red key. Read this about how I helped out someone with no Red Key and they needed new clocks. Thanks for the information Can you please tell me if this is applicable to bikes as you only get 1 black key and 1 red key with a new Ducati.

The older models had 2 black keys and 1 red master. I was sent this information The red one is basically useless. It is only for emergency starting if you lose all of the hands free keys. However the dealer can program one in if you have a working key.

If you need us to do it, we will need the HFCU ignition switch that is very difficult to remove and your working key. Operates the same but is black and has no logo. Right, a bike would be different. I thought that red keys were a thing of the past, my only has two black keys. So the red key is the Passive Key, the one you wave near the gauges to read the chip. Ignore my post above as that will apply to the earlier Multistrada Hope you get it sortted cheaply.

I think that's basically correct Nick. The red key is a simple transponder key and you should be able to buy a replacement and have it programmed to the hands free unit, albeit not particularly cheap. In fact both the red key and black proximity key should be available from a dealer. The part no for the red key is Old enough to know better, young enough not to care. Chris, I see you posted your correction while I was writing my post.

Hi Derek, Looks like that part for the key might not be available anymore according to some parts websites. It's my post, but unfortunately it doesn't apply to this bike Don't know why they made the passive key red, it just confuses those used to the old red key system.What's a red key? I lost my red key! I lost all of my black keys! I lost all of my keys! Buying a Ducati, but it has no red key.

Similar to RFID key-fobs, electronic strikesthese keys send a unique signal each key blank will have it's own unique signal to the motocycle's computer which are required for operation of the bike using the stock ECU. Black keys are used to start the bike. When the bike turns on it will read the signal from the black key and a valid signal is required before the bike will start. Red keys are primarily used to program the ECU to accept new signals. It's false that a red key is required for any service on your bike unless that service is specifically programming new keys into the stock ECU.

Ducati has moved away from the red key and now only uses key cards on 08 and newer bikes. Don't fret! You have a few solutions Nothing.

Ducati Key Replacement. (281) 318-6118.

The red key is only used to program new signals, so as long as you have your black keys, you're OK! Copy your black keys! If you wanted to get into racing or tuning your Ducati, just upgrade your ECU.

Depending on your upgrade you may get a lot of bonuses, the main for the sake of this page is no longer requiring any special "signal" keys. You can make standard keys now for your bike. Give it the glue. Glue one of your working black key's to your bike's frame near the ECU and you'll be able to make "dumb" copies of your key now, since the radio signal from your black key will always be close enough to be read by your ECU you don't need to worry about makind special keys any longer.

Just be certain that you A make copies of your black key first and B be certain your ECU can read your black key from it's mounting point. As long as you still have your red key, you can reprogram your ECU to accept new black keys. Consult your owners manual or service department. It sounds like your bike may be salvaged or stolen, or you're a forgetful person.Locksmith Services for Ducati Ducati lost keys replacement, Ducati chip keys cut, Ducati chip keys programmed, Ducati chip keys duplicate, Ducati repair broken or worn out keys, Ducati broken keys extracted, Ducati high security keys cut, Ducati high security keys program, Ducati Immobilizer Reflash service Call Us Now at for Ducati Locksmith Service Did you lose the key to your precious Italian beauty?

Do you want a spare Ducati key? Has the bike started acting up and refusing to let you ride? Our Ducati locksmith services will replace your Ducati key quickly and easily without a visit to the dealership.

From Monster keys to Panigale keys, from Multistrada keys to XDiavel keys, we can rekey or create any Ducati keys ever made — even the old ones. Replacing a standard Ducati black key is easy enough; if you misplace the Ducati red key, the master key which controls many of the ignition functions, we can help with that too. Some Ducati keys require a special code to be entered when a new key is cut.

You may have read about professional locksmiths that can clone Ducati keys in no time flat, and chances are you were reading about us. We have lasting relationships with dealerships across California and our replacement keys have the quality OEM feel that others lack.

Our quick and convenient mobile locksmith service will have you back on two wheels in no time.

ducati key replacement

The cost of Ducati keys has dropped recently, and they cost less than you probably think. Call us today at to take advantage of our mobile Ducati locksmith services. Do you want to rekey all the locks of your new home? Do you require fresh installation for dead bolt locks? Easy to communicate with AND came to my location. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Got the work done in just a few minutes.

I was locked out of the house with a baby and they sent someone out within 30 minutes. Had me in within a minute. Great service!!