There are 97 calories in one serving one jigger of whiskey, Scotch, or bourbon. But watch out for mixers, which can double the calorie count. There are about 97 calories in a typical serving of whiskey, Scotch, bourbon, or rye.

Surprisingly, there are also some real health benefits. Continue reading for the calorie details and for our tips on keeping down the calories in your whiskey and bourbon drinks. All forms of whiskey have about the same number of calories. Most whiskey is 80 proof, and contains about 64 calories per ounce 30 ml. But higher proof whiskey does have more calories, as you can see in the calories chart.

how many calories in catch fire whiskey

The calories in whiskey come from the alcohol. Whether the alcohol is produced by making bourbon, Scotch, or rye, it always has 7 calories per gram. Proof is simply a measure of the alcohol content in liquor. The proof is double the percentage of alcohol. But if you are drinking whiskey cocktails, be careful. When having cocktails, the mixers that you choose can have a huge impact on the number of calories in your drink. Whiskey drinks can suffer from the same problem.

For example, whiskey sour mix has about 30 calories per ounce. So adding a jigger 1. Drinking a Whiskey Highball? That will also bloat your drink towards calories. If you want to keep the calorie count low, you need to choose your whiskey drinks carefully. Here are some tips to help you make good choices:.

how many calories in catch fire whiskey

Enjoy it straight up, all on its own with no additions. The idea is to sip it slowly and enjoy it. You can also add some water to your whiskey. This is usually done with bourbon whiskey. But you can, of course, just add a splash of plain water. And you can do it with any whiskey.

How Many Calories Are in Scotch Whiskey?

But some others argue that a splash of water actually opens up the bourbon and expands the range of flavors. Another lower calorie choice is Scotch and Soda.Whether you are slimming down to reach your goal summer beach body or trying to stay thin through the holiday season, your booze intake is surely going to impact the numbers on the scale.

There is no especially healthy alcohol a glass of red wine does have cardiovascular benefits, but not every night is a red wine night, but some drinks have lower calories and carbohydrates than others.

A glass of whiskey has a low calorie count compared to drinks like beer and wine, and relatively the same as a glass of vodka or tequila. Expect your 1. Why is whiskey such a low-calorie option? Thank the process.

While whiskey is being distilled, the fat and carbohydrates disappear. Liquor is one of the best options for diabetics, although getting too hammered could lower your blood sugar. Talk to a doctor about drinking alcohol if you have conditions like diabetes or low blood sugar. Again, not all whiskeys are created equally. The calorie count in whiskey comes from the concentration of alcohol in the drink.

An proof whiskey will have less calories than a behemoth proof bottle. It exists. If you want to get mathematical about it, know that each gram of alcohol contains seven calories. Such is the trade off: stronger whiskey drinks have more calories. A whiskey cocktail?

Jack Daniels - Tennessee Fire

Forget about it. That calorie drink spikes up to calories when you add an ounce or two of mix and make a whiskey sour. Need a new whiskey drink to keep your calorie count down? Try Maverick Whiskey. Our whiskey distillers put love and passion into every drink. Your email address will not be published. How Many Calories Are in Whiskey? What Affects Calories in Whiskey? Have it neat. Step away from the soda. We repeat, step away from the soda. Adding even just a splash of a soft drink defeats the whole purpose of enjoying a healthy drink.

We all know by now that soft drinks are terrible for you. And diet sodas are even worse. If you want to dilute the flavor of your whiskey, add a splash of tap water.

How Many Calories in Whiskey and Scotch?

After all, drinking whiskey neat is the best way to drink whiskey in the first place. Have a low-calorie meal before. Fill up your stomach with a low-calorie meal to prevent you from getting too out of control.

Think quality, not quantity. What sounds healthier: guzzling three cheap shots in an hour, or sipping on one delicious drink for 45 minutes and alternating with a glass of water?Search in:. My FatSecret.

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Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest. Daily's Hurricane Frozen Cocktail. Independence Harbor Amber Ale. Truly Strawberry Lemonade Hard Seltzer. Natural Light Beer. FitVine Pinot Grigio. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey.Whiskey contains anywhere from 64 to 80 calories per ounce, but the effects of the spirit don't end there. Alcohol has an effect on every system of your body β€” from your brain to your digestive tract β€” far beyond the calorie count of any drink you consume.

The number of calories in your scotch also depends if you consume it with popular mixers, such as cola or sour mix. These calories can add up, and thwart efforts to manage your weight.

The calories in scotch whiskey depend on the proof. Lower proof scotch has fewer calories: 64 calories per ounce for 80 proof and 80 calories per ounce for proof. Scotch is a spirit made from cereal grains, water and yeast. The word "whiskey" actually comes from a Gaelic word that means "water of life. Scotch whiskey is also sold in proof formulations, which clock in at 50 percent alcohol by volume.

A standard serving of alcohol, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, is 1. With this serving size, an proof scotch whiskey provides 97 calories while proof whisky contains Of course, most mixed drinks made with Scotch whiskey are going to have a higher calorie load.

Add a little water to your scotch, however, and you get no added calories. The classic scotch and soda, made with club soda, adds bubbles to your drink, but no extra calories either. Add 3 ounces of sour mix to create a Whiskey Sour, you'll get 80 more calories in your drink. A drink made with 8 ounces of regular cola adds calories on top of the count already found in whatever proof you are drinking. If you have a few drinks, especially cocktails made with mixers, the calories contribute to your daily intake, and can cause weight gain if drinking is a regular habit.

As Medline Plus points out, most alcohols have little to no nutritional value β€” so these calories add no real benefit to your diet. Alcohol can also interfere with your ability to absorb and use certain nutrients, including thiamin, vitamin B, folic acid and zinc, according to the Student Health Services Department at the University of California San Diego. That's not to say that you need to cut all libations from your diet; simply drink in moderation.

Moderation is defined as one drink daily for women and two per day for men. Read more : Top 10 Beverages to Avoid. For anyone trying to lose weightscotch and other alcohol can get in the way. The calories in scotch aren't converted to stored energy like carbohydrates are. Your liver breaks down the calories in alcohol first, and uses them before it uses any stored fat, notes Columbia University's Go Ask Alice information page.

Get a little tipsy, and you may find that your appetite increases; thus, it can be much harder to stay committed to a diet plan if you are regularly confusing your liver with calories derived from alcohol.

Nutrition Nutrition Basics Calories. Reviewed by Kirsten Nunez, M. Kirsten Nunez, M. Sinceshe has contributed to over 15 digital publications. Connect on LinkedIn. Andrea Boldt. Andrea Boldt has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. A personal trainer, run coach, group fitness instructor and master yoga teacher, she also holds certifications in holistic and fitness nutrition.However, the way you drink your whiskey makes a huge difference.

Read on to find out more…. Counting calories is one of the best ways to lose weight. You begin by counting how many calories you are consuming each day in your food and drink.

how many calories in catch fire whiskey

Then, you subtract how many calories your body is burning through its normal biological processes and the exercise you are performing each day. If you get a negative number, that means you are in a caloric deficit and your body will resort to burning fat to obtain more energy. As a result, you will lose weight. Simple right?

Well, the only tricky part is determining how many calories are in the food and drink you are consuming. If you are a keen whiskey drinker and have just started counting calories, your thoughts will immediately turn to whiskey. Will drinking whiskey sabotage your weight loss efforts? Carbohydrates are one of the three major food groups β€” the other two being protein and fats.

The body needs carbohydrates for energy. Although whiskey is made using grains, it has been distilled, so the level of carbohydrates it obtains is extremely low to the point of being negligible. Calories represent the amount of energy that the human body obtains from a specific food.

Most adults need to obtain about 2, calories a day from the food they eat, although this can be reduced when attempting to reach caloric deficit. There are:. This great article from Healthline has some great information on calorie vs carb counting.

Straight whiskey will only have trace amounts of carbohydrates, no protein and no fat. The answer is the alcohol. Pure alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram, which means the number of calories in a shot of whiskey will be related to its alcoholic strength.

So, a shot of:. If you mix your shot of whiskey with some Coca Cola, suddenly you are consuming an additional calories from about 39 grams of carbohydrate. Scientists have discovered that alcohol consumption will slow down the oxidation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. In other words, it slows down how quickly your body is using energy and burning fat, which may be an issue if you are trying to lose weight in a hurry.

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Cinnamon Whiskey

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how many calories in catch fire whiskey

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