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We greatly appreciate your understanding during these times. We have custom boxes that extra thick and allow for the safest shipment of your Japanese maples. Our new custom boxes allow us to ship your Japanese maple trees in their container, making the smoothest transition from our nursery to your garden.

These boxes can fit two Japanese maples easily inside each box. You will simply need a pair of scissors to cut the tape around the box and pull your Japanese maple out. Location is something that should be considered. Nearly all Japanese maples can handle growing in the shade or getting morning sun and afternoon shade.Maple is a symbolic and numeric computing environment as well as a multi-paradigm programming language.

It covers several areas of technical computing, such as symbolic mathematics, numerical analysis, data processing, visualization, and others. A toolbox, MapleSimadds functionality for multidomain physical modeling and code generation. Maple's capacity for symbolic computing include those of a general-purpose computer algebra system.

For instance, it can manipulate mathematical expressions and find symbolic solutions to certain problems, such as those arising from ordinary and partial differential equations. Maple is developed commercially by the Canadian software company Maplesoft.

The name 'Maple' is a reference to the software's Canadian heritage. Users can enter mathematics in traditional mathematical notation. Custom user interfaces can also be created. There is support for numeric computations, to arbitrary precision, as well as symbolic computation and visualization. Examples of symbolic computations are given below. Maple incorporates a dynamically typed imperative-style programming language resembling Pascalwhich permits variables of lexical scope.

Maple supports MathML 2. Maple is based on a small kernelwritten in Cwhich provides the Maple language. Most functionality is provided by libraries, which come from a variety of sources. Most of the libraries are written in the Maple language; these have viewable source code. Different functionality in Maple requires numerical data in different formats. Symbolic expressions are stored in memory as directed acyclic graphs.

The standard interface and calculator interface are written in Java. The first concept of Maple arose from a meeting in late at the University of Waterloo. Instead, they opted to develop their own computer algebra system, named Maple, that would run on lower cost computers. Aiming for portability, they began writing Maple in programming languages from the BCPL family initially using a subset of B and Cand later on only C.

Inthe research group arranged with Watcom Products Inc to license and distribute the first commercially available version, Maple 3. Maplesoft was founded. Inthe first graphical user interface for Maple was developed and included with version 4. X11 and Windows versions of the new interface followed in with Maple V. InMaple V Release 2 introduced the Maple "worksheet" that combined text, graphics, and input and typeset output.

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Are you eligible? How do I join? For those wanting to join and unable to visit our location, please contact our office for specific requirements. Contact Us.Maple is math software that combines the world's most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems. Recorded Webinar - Introducing Maple Something for Everyone Maple offers a vast collection of enhancements for both long-time customers and those who are using Maple for the very first time.

Visit the world's largest community of Maple users. Questions, posts, help, musings, answers, and more. A curated collection of downloadable Maple applications from a diverse range of engineering and scientific disciplines. This newsletter offers a comprehensive summary of news and resources written especially for the Maplesoft user community.

Learn about Maplesoft events, workshops, seminars and webinars as they are announced, including webinars offered in cooperation with the SAE and the IEEE. New Release! Start your free trial. Upgrade to Maple What is Maple? Solve math problems easily and accuratelywithout worrying that you've lost a minus sign somewhere Solve math problems quickly that you could never do by hand or that you wouldn't want to do by hand because life is too short!

Solve problems from virtually any branch of mathematics or field that relies on mathematics, such as calculus, algebra, differential equations, statistics, control design, linear algebra, physics, optimization, group theory, differential geometry, signal processing, special functions, number theory, financial modeling, etc. Gain insight into your problem, solution, data, or concept using a huge variety of customizable 2-D and 3-D plots and animations Keep problems, solutions, visualizations, and explanations all together in a single, easy-to-follow documentso you don't have to waste time reconstructing your thought processes Develop complex solutions using a sophisticated programming language designed for mathematicsso your code is shorter, easier to write, easier to debug, and easier to maintain Create interactive applications for yourself, your students, or your colleagues, without having to be an expert programmer, and share them over the web.

Which version of Maple is for me? How does Maple Compare?

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Download a Free Trial of Maple. Learn more about the features of Maple. See what's new in Maple MaplePrimes Visit the world's largest community of Maple users.Calling Sequence. C xcgopts. Only the initialized elements of the rtable or Maple Array are translated. In this case, the equivalent sequence of C assignment statements is generated.

For more information about translation to C in particular, see CDetails. For a description of the options used in the following examples, see CodeGenerationOptions. Translate a computation sequence. Optimize the input first. Return the result in a string. Translate a procedure. Assume that all untyped variables have type integer. Translate a procedure containing an implicit return. A new variable is created to hold the return value.

Translate a procedure accepting an Array as a parameter. Note that the indices are renumbered so that the C array starts at index 0. Translate a module with one exported and one local procedure. See Also. Translation Details. Download Help Document. Online Help. Examples For a description of the options used in the following examples, see CodeGenerationOptions.

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If you need to return an item for any reason whatsoever follow this incredibly simple 2 step procedure to receive the fastest refund possible: 1 Repackage the part securely and include the eBay itemyour eBay user ID and the reason for return inside the package.

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