Zaph|Audio SB12.3, SB Acoustics 12", 3-Way - PAIR

This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. Basic concept of the inner green skeleton. About our drivers. Our very first AudioSolutions model was the Rhapsody I decided on Seas drivers with an extended cone area for their basket size because I'd worked with those before and found their bass response excellent for their smaller size. The tweeter in all Rhapsody models is another Seas unit but this time from their Excel line.

These drivers have some disadvantages if you try to cross them too low, say 1. Though their FS is quite low, they tend to get 'screamy' and distortion increases. If crossed around 2. I'd also worked with these tweeters before to be well familiar with them.

sb acoustics xmax

I considered models from the ScanSpeak Classic and Revelator lines but this would have created too much of a cost imbalance, demanded pricier midrange units to match and Revelator woofers.

The Rhapsody 60, and all use this same Seas tweeter. For the and the story is different since the Seas 18cm drivers lack a good vocal band. They're fine for bass but after 9 years of DIY experience I know that their midrange is muddy and lacks clarity. Instead of customizing a Seas which I couldn't afford at the time, I looked for a suitable replacement. This got me to SB Acoustics - much like ScanSpeak but a lot more affordable and in certain aspects actually superior technically.

On the I began with their 17cm unit and was amazed at the low bass from this reduced 18cm unit; and how perfect the midband was where the most important musical info resides after all. It was clear how their high Xmax didn't lose vocal range detail and maintained a low-distortion profile. They have a superbly fast response to sound very 'live' and if I remember their Qms is above 5 to not be overdamped.

They are so well-damped on their own as to not require additional damping which always kills all the energy and liveliness of the sound. In the Rhapsody you have the same story. I needed a good woofer that could play a bit of the midband with low distortion which pointed at the SB Acoustics 23cm unit.

Its response is flat to 8. I believe the only better midrange would be a ScanSpeak Revelator 13M or 15M Series unit but the price difference would be substantial. With the usual midrange drivers you will measure rising distortion above 6. They exhibit excellent frequency response with very low distortion and thus had my vote. About our cabinets. All Rhapsody enclosures are made from various tolerance MDF where different thickness provides different resonant frequencies for reduced energy storage.

Combining variously thick MDF creates better results than one massive board. The enclosure is built up from four layers. That glue is Polyurethane with high self-sealing abilities. When applied it expands a bit to fill out all the micro holes which creates monolithic strength.

The glue itself hardens to between elastic and frozen.The amp used to drive the demo pair was a Bel Canto integrated, chosen because, well, you can't use a cheap integrated amp at this sort of show. Andrew commented that the price of the speakers would just about pay for the tax on the amp, but he wanted the speakers to show off at their best. The sources were computer music files. The price given above is not a typo!

Overall, it was far closer to true high-end sound for little bucks than simply the cheap-and cheerful result you often get from budget speakers. But Andrew has been here before, with the Pioneer speakers he designed over the last few years. It would be an exaggeration to say that this was the best sound I heard at the show, but if the production versions do as well and we have no reason to expect that they won'tthe ELAC Debut series could well show a clean set of heels to some of its competitors selling for many times the price.

Electronics are also in the pipeline. That will allow for an optimum, three-way center speaker for home theater fans. Chris is the project manager and bean counter to Andrew's mad scientist designer! There are also three Debut subwoofers, with the top two models the 10" S10EQ and S12EQ, with and 12" drivers respectively incorporating a slick setup technique. Either an iOS or Android smart phone is first loaded with a real-time analyzer App. Using test tones built into the sub, the phone is first held close to the sub to calibrate the phone's microphone.

Subs are generally very flat in the near field, apart from their inherent bottom end rolloff and user-selected low pass filtration. The phone is then moved to the seating position where the process is repeated and the sub automatically tunes itself to the room with its own internal DSP! Fully manual, band DSP is also available.

Power is W and W respectively. The Chapman T-5 has been seen and heard at previous shows. A 3-way, ported design with a 10" woofer, 5. The cosmetic design is attractive but unassuming, with a mostly black "sock" finish apart from a bit of wood on the top and the wood plinth at the bottom. But the T-5 is now also available as the Custom Tribute Edition with a hardwood finish. The exact price will depend on the finish chosen. The technical design is said to be identical to the more prosaic black sock T But it was the custom version I heard finished in a gold paint rather than wood grain.

Neither T-5 version offers a removable grille. The monoblock tube amps being employed here were from a new company called Ampsandsound really, that's their name. From what I heard, the amps were a terrific match for the Chapmans, at least in the smallish hotel demo room.

With some of my own music selections on hand this was one of the few rooms that offered CD playback, though other options were availableI thoroughly enjoyed the system's well-balanced, weighty, yet in no way bloated sound.

sb acoustics xmax

These aren't new, but the sound was, for me, one of the highlights of the show. The other electronics, including the monoblock amps in the picture, were from MBL. The big room likely didn't hurt; the bigger the room, the less chance of bloat-inducing standing waves a problem heard in more than one of the smaller show rooms. Bloat was nowhere to be found here. The sound was crisp but natural, the bass tight, and the overall sound free of obvious colorations.

Rated at Wpc into 8 ohms, it can also be driven bridged for W, also at 8 ohms. Unbridged, it easily drove a pair of new Wilson Sabrina speakers.The mid-woofer has a It has a very low voice-coil inductance and is fitted with a copper sleeve on the pole piece to ensure a low distortion performance.

The four driver unit samples are from two different manufactoring batches. At this price range not much to complain about. Good consistency between the driver unit samples and it match the official spec sheet reasonably well, with a higher Mms and lower sensitivity compared to official specs. The mid-woofer is measured mounted on a baffle in an 14 liter closed enclosure with the following conditions:. Driver position: Mounted on center-line with driver unit center 22cm from the top of the baffle.

Mic position: 1m distance, on mid-woofer-axis. The two mid-woofer samples measures virtually the same, which indicates good consistency in the manufacturing process. Due to the mid-woofers very low inductance and flat impedance response, the on-axis frequency response has an extremely linear and extended response up to 15kHz. The broad hump between 0. We have a notch centered at 1. It has a very smooth frequency response between 1. The distortion measurements are done in near-field and the amplifier output level was adjusted for each driver so that the fundamental is 90dB and 95dB at 1m.

This setting simulates medium-high and high listening levels. Overall this is a low distorting mid-woofer. We have the expected relatively harmless elevated second-order harmonics due to the cone edge resonance, but in this case we also have some elevated third and fifth-order harmonics around the same frequency. NHT 2. Wharfedale Diamond For Sale! Impedance minimum of 6.

Great performance for a low priced mid-woofer!Low dampening surround Extended Copper cap on pole piece Non-inductive voice coil former Proprietary cone materials made-in-house Cast Aluminium chassis. You must sign in to your account to be able to request a quote for this product, we of course like to know who you are. Everything related to speakers, filter components, accessories, connectors, electronics and more for professionals and hobbyists. Your cart contains no products. Our catalog.

Available payment options. General description Low dampening surround Extended Copper cap on pole piece Non-inductive voice coil former Proprietary cone materials made-in-house Cast Aluminium chassis. Documentation Data sheet.

Product rating from customers 4. Prices in Euro Your price. Request a special quote for this product You must sign in to your account to be able to request a quote for this product, we of course like to know who you are. The speaker plays music really nicely and considering the size of the cabined, also relativelly deep. This setup would also firm a nice stereo setup supported by some nice subwoofer. More in this categogy.Zaph Audio SB We often receive requests for large and in charge speaker systems.

This kit is our hi-fidelity answer. Once again we teamed up with John Krutke of Zaph Audio for his skilled design work. This kit is fully documented on the SB SB Acoustics drivers have quickly established themselves as serious performers within the DIY speaker building community. We feel this line of drivers is a perfect choice for a high performance 3-Way design.

There is no concession in the driver selection or crossover design, yet the final price is more than reasonable for a system of this stature. These units feature the same proprietary composition paper cone and a similar open structure cast frame. The extended length copper clad pole piece helps enable very low distortion through its frequency range.

This is the flagship tweeter of the SB Acoustics line and one of the best tweeters we know of. The SB29RDC features a unique fabric ring dome with large roll surround, a low resonant frequency, and a smooth extended response.

If you desire a large speaker system and demand zero compromise in sound quality, look no further - the SB You may also choose to purchase the optional accessories package. The accessories package is offered at a discounted price, and will provide you with all the miscellaneous speaker building parts that you need to complete your kit. Crossover parts were carefully selected for both high quality sound reproduction and adequate power handling.

Mundorf MOX resistors are also used throughout the tweeter circuit and in series with the midrange. The crossovers are professionally assembled on three circuit boards. The midrange is on a Matrix Double, and the woofer and tweeter are each on a Matrix. Cabinets are not available for this kit through Madisound. The speakers are simply too large to make this logistically possible.

Tyler Acoustics built the walnut veneer cabinets you see here and he is willing to build this for people who are interested. You can choose your own veneer and he will quote accordingly. Please contact Tyler directly. Each cabinet uses 3. You should also line the rear wall and side walls of the cabinet with acoustic foam sheets. These damping materials are included with the optional accessories package. We recommend using the TD-CUP dual binding post input cup, and it is supplied with the optional accessories package.

Run one set of wires from the bottom set of binding posts to the woofer crossover. Then run one set of wires from the top set of binding posts to the midrange crossover - and jumper a set of wires to the tweeter crossover from there.

Another option is to run a TD-CUP and a standard input cup, or 3 sets of binding posts on the back of your speaker. You would then wire each crossover to its own set of binding posts. The SB All other employees are on paid leave at this time. We are filling orders and shipping times a week. We will keep you updated on the status of your order and provide tracking information when your order ships. Please contact us by email info madisound. Login Register.

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sb acoustics xmax

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SB Acoustics

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