The 1st episode of Skam season 1 is originally released on 25 September The 11th and last episode which is also the season 1 finale has released on 11 December Skam season 1 contains a total of 11 episodes.

Average duration of each episode if around 22 minutes. But, the episode durations are not consitent across the season with the shortest episode being 17 minutes in duration and the longest episode being 35 minutes.

Details about the release date and episode duration of all the 11 episodes of Skam season 1 are given below:. Skam season 1 english subtiles can be downloaded from skam season 2 Google drive, skam season 1 daily motion, Skam season 1 mega or from Skam season 1 reddit with english subtitles.

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Skam watch online links (every version)

Money Heist season 4 episode 8 download Money Heist April 3, Season 1 is the first season of Skam. It aired in the fall of and featured Eva Kviig Mohn as the central character. The action takes place in the fall of and Eva's friendship - Noora, Vilde, Sana and Chris - are the central characters. Much of the season is about Eva's and boyfriend Jonas's turbulent relationship.

Eva is left in the schoolyard. Eva is at home and starts her howework. Closer Lemaitre feat Jennie A. Jonas plays on the guitar. Lose Yourself Eminem Cover rapped by Elias. Eva notices Noora's accepted her friend request on Facebook. Eva leaves the party.

skam spain season 1 episode 1 english subtitles 123movies

Highasaskite Eva at the skatepark. Chris is juggling eggs. Hello Lover Empires William runs into Noora. Eva walks and spots Jonas. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Eva is in her first year at school and has a falling out with her old friend Ingrid and Sara. She only knows her boyfriend Jonas and his friend Isak at school.

She later decides to go to a school party, where she meets several new people. During Fall holiday Eva, Jonas, and Isak go on a cabin trip. Eva is annoyed that her boyfriend invited Isak and later Elias to a trip that was supposed to be reserved for them.

skam spain season 1 episode 1 english subtitles 123movies

She also begins speculating that Jonas is keeping secrets. Back at school Eva befriends Noora in her Spanish class who she met at the party from episode one.

Her, Noora, and Sana are invited by Chris and Vilde to join their Russ buss for when they graduate in 3 years. Sana and Vilde want for Eva to get in touch with "Penetrator" Chris in the third year so that they can be invited to party on their Russ bus and gain more popularity around the school. In Chris's Russ group is William, the most popular boy in school.

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Eva invites Jonas for dinner to meet her mom. Vilde is falling for William, and the girls visits the school doctor to get contraceptives because Vilde has decided she wants to lose her virginity. Eva suspects that Jonas is cheating on her with her former friend Ingrid, and meets Isak to talk about it. Vilde reveals details about her and William.

...The.Awkward.Maître D'...

The girls go to a Halloween party Christoffer invited them to. After kissing Christoffer on Halloween Eva feels guilty, and asks Isak for counsel. Noora wants Vilde to stand up for herself and stop caring for William after he started ignoring her for other girls. Everyone knows about what happened on Halloween, and the entire school is gossiping about Eva.Hide ads with VIP. Mark as watched. Season 1. Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4.

Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode Photo, Meme or GIF. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Optional, please keep it short. Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Display anyway. Daniela Mora 2 years ago 0. Share this page with your friends and followers:. Get VIP. Unlock ALL Perks. Get Apps.

Simkl Apps. Enter PIN. Automatic Trackers. Netflix Enhancer. Netflix Categories. Naruto filler list.Starting with Season 2, clips are posted onto YouTube. A promo for a New Year's Eve special was released December 26, [3] the special was released January 1, In Septembera second season was confirmed, [4] [5] casting began in November [6] and filming began January Then the file replaced by another image, this time featuring Nora, [9] and subsequently Amira, [10] Lucas [11] and then a Pomeranian.

A third and fourth season has been confirmed to air in The first trailer for Season 4 was released on March 11, confirming that the main would be Amira for the season, as well as the premiere date of the first clip which will be released on April 9. Summer again Sunday pm.


Alone Monday am. New girl Monday am. Friends Tuesday pm. And who is he? Thursday am. End of year class trip!!! Friday pm. Hangover Saturday pm. Shitty meeting Saturday pm. Shitty meeting pt. The weirdos Saturday pm. Clips: Trust Sunday pm. How backwards of Wisconsin Monday am. Like everything Tuesday am. Not down for it Thursday pm. Did he text you? Monday am. Do recon Wednesday pm.Apart from the fact that SKAM has created an impression that teachers at Nissen do not wear bras, then it is an honour for us at Nissen to be associated with the amazing universe that Julie Anden and NRK has created.

We are proud of you! Your interpretation of Isak gets under the skin of even the toughest viewers and you deserve all credit and renown for your work with this character. Thus, we hope you have noticed that you are going to a social studies exam next week. Chapter 6, 7, and 8 in Fokus. Episode 1: You hate hanging out with us full. Episode 3: What do you think about drinking?

Episode 4: Allah would dig you full. Episode 6: Are you having a bad day?

skam spain season 1 episode 1 english subtitles 123movies

Episode 7: We must stand together full. Episode 8: The biggest losers at school full. Episode 9: Life smiles full. Subtitles on the video! Sorry if theres any misspelled words or anything, kinda did it in a hurry lol. Hey this is the clip with the attack cut out— so just the date part if anyone wants to rewatch it or save it and not risk…. And i know that for most people this is such a hard thing to talk about. But i want you to know, that tonight, tomorrow, for every day of your beautiful life, you are not alone.

People care about you. Do not ever succumb to that voice that tells you to hurt yourself, or take something as wonderful and valid as your own life. Even tried to take his life. And he did not succeed.I completely missed Skam while it was airing. Various friends told me during that I absolutely had to watch the show, and I ignored them.

But in August I was a bit bored and decided to take it off my to-watch-list. I binged the whole thing in two days. I watched the version that was syndicated in my language, and that had fantastic professionally made subtitles. So when I emerged from my daze and wanted to spread the word to my American friends, I realized that there was no good place to watch the whole series with English subtitles. Tracking it down led to a wasteland of abandoned Google Drives and Tumblrs, defunct YouTube accounts, and a mishmash of DailyMotion channels.

And the actual subtitles were nowhere near as good as the ones I had watched the show with. Bad English, bad translations, spelling errors and bad timings all over the place. And the videos you could find were inconsistent in resolution and bitrate, and the subtitles were all rendered differently, depending on the whims of whoever rendered and uploaded them and managed to get a version to stick.

As usual, if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself. So I taught myself how to subtitle, how to make good and easily readable subtitles in the style I first saw the show with. I fixed the worst mistakes, I cleaned up most of the bad English, I added all the dialogue that was missing, and I made the timing consistent and slower and easier to follow.

I had a lot of help. From all the people who made the subtitles files that were floating around the internet, most of all. And from reacters who loved them and spread them further. Thank you, all of you. Just ask me anything. So use it. Re-watch it. Share with your friends. And spread it, spread it further than fear, and as far as your love can reach.

Reblogging my intro post so people see it first, and not the spoiler-heavy subtext and culture posts…. Please use the tag links to get to the season you want to watch, or the download link to get to the archives. Subtext: Vilde lies to her mom about who was at the door, and she lied to the guy at the door about her mom. Culture: The show is full of socio-economic markers, and how Vilde lives tells us a lot more about her.

When the other characters either live in nice single-family houses, or in nice, large, inner city apartments, Vilde lives in a smaller apartment with her single mom, further out in the suburbs of Oslo.

Throwback: The final episode is full of throwback references to things that happened earlier in the series. The same name joke is of course a reference to P-Chris meeting girl Chris in the very first episode in season 1.In the past I've seen many people ask for links or where to watch skam so i decided to try and find as many links as I can on each show so everyone can watch.

If you have any other links please comment them or message them to me and I will add them to the list, thank you!

skam spain season 1 episode 1 english subtitles 123movies

Link 1 this one includes all season 1 episodes so i recommend this one. Link 2 dont think it includes every episode so check the other links for any missing ones. Link 3. Part 1. Part 2. Link 1 not in order but all there.

Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode I found this version really hard to find links for as the place i watched it no longer exists. This may mean if these links dont work you may have to research further yourself.

Link 1. Link 2 not all episodes in this link. This link i used and its really good. It should also eventually add the next seasons when they come out onto this link. This is their facebook page its already in english I dont think you need a Facebook account if you follow this link.

Skam-spain-translations tumblr account. Skamdutch they also have a tumblr of the same username.

Skam season 1 english subtitles download

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Skam norway Season 1: Link 1 this one includes all season 1 episodes so i recommend this one Link 2 dont think it includes every episode so check the other links for any missing ones.

Link 3 Season 2 These eps are split into two parts both links needed to watch whole season : Part 1 Part 2 Season 3 Link 1 not in order but all there Season 4 Unfortunately i could only find links to each individual episode for this season. Link 1 Druck skam germany Season 1 Link 1 Skam Austin This is their facebook page its already in english I dont think you need a Facebook account if you follow this link.

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