sultan of my heart episode 11

As it is not enough that she is doing all this work for us. At least say thank you. I wish I had a better way to express my gratitude than a simple thank you, because this is such a gift to those of us who require translations in order to enjoy Kosem.

I can only imagine how long these take you to complete - what a blessing! Please know that your work is extremely appreciated. PS, never feel bad about breaking it into two parts; your time and rest are important :. Thank u soooooooo much Thank you.

You do this so quickly I can't believe it. Would not be able to watch and enjoy without your efforts. Btw, i'm from indonesia, and it's hard to find the translator. I hope you can make subtitle too, you can't? Subtitle in english it's okay if you have a time to make it.

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I'm really hope : if I knew how the Turkish language, I will surely make the subtitle and share it :. Thank you so so much for your efforts to make this enjoyable for us who need English translation, I'm reading the translations as I would read a Book and actually enjoy reading more than the videos :. Translation is wet nurse or nurse maid not milk maid. A milkmaid milks cows. Kosem Sultan - Episode Kosem enters the harem with her head held high. Meanwhile, Dervish dines with Fahriye - she says the thing you did last night why did you do it?

He tries to avoid her question and says I have to return to the palace. She says He says "oh nothing special He replies that if you really want an answer let me tell you, it was a comforting gesture In the Safiye is looking for Fahriye and Safiye says Fahriye what have you done?! Our Hunkar now knows about you trying to kill him and the shehzade! Dervish asks who said it and Safiye says that small snake Kosem! Safiye tells them that the letters between her and Mehmet, everything was given to Ahmet Kosem admires her new look in the mirror Safiye says you have destroyed our lives What do we do now?

What else shall befall us because of you?! Fahriye is freaking out and says if I am to burn, you shall as well! Did you hear me Dervish Pasha?! Safiye is angry and replies, and she dares to threaten us!Thank you for your wonderful job here. I can't wait till you finish the translation. Greetings from Poland.

sultan of my heart episode 11

This scene with torch is like that one when Hurrem Went to Valide sultan with a knife. Simple but effective. I love it! Kosem Sultan Episode 10 Translation.

Kosem awakens to her friend asking if she is okay, Kosem shouts for her father and her friend says your father is no longer But Kosem rushes out. Halime bids goodbye to Handan and Handan tells her I hope you drown in grief soon Halime.

sultan of my heart episode 11

Meanwhile Kosem rushes to Safiye's room, barges in and looks her in the eyes Kosem meanwhile shouts," murderers! How did you kill my father! He had no sin! Kosem responds saying no one will crush my head, not you either, your power is not enough for that. Safiye tells her to go tell Ahmet, she won't be able to prove a thing, they won't even be able to find her father's body because they dumped it in the Bosphorus.

Safiye throws the torch and says proof? I don't have to give proof for him to believe me, but I shall stay silent, you know why? Because this is my matter now - I will bring your end, I will take everything and everyone you love from you!

Even down to the crown on your head and the ring on your finger! I swear you will neither have power nor your rank as Sultana, I will destroy all of you. You will die a wretched death!

Fear me from now on. Kosem has a monologue saying basically that no one will be able to hurt her from now on, that she will break the hands that try to reach out to harm my loved ones.Anna is aware of the sentiments of Sultan Mahmud and decides to stay away from it, but how is that possible? Anna, threatened with the death of her father, finally decides to tell the Sultan Anna lost the letter that she was an informant.

Anna, trying to avoid the feelings of Sultan Mahmud, is aware that everything will be upset if the letter comes out. This is spread in the palace in a short time. The Sultan who hears this cuts off all his relationship with Anna.

How will Anna Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale. Watch the video. Melike lies to her family in Germany about her work, house and fiance Mehmet. Mehmet is a doctor and the fiance of her boss Iknur. When her family comes to Istanbul, she blackmails Mehmet to go along with her plans to not expose her lies. Baris is a very successful, attractive ,but distanced from love, divorce lawyer who feels there is nothing left to surprise him in life.

Asli is a beautiful young girl who is full of life, Eylul the stubborn, school girl turns up to be a strong professional doctor by the help of her teacher Ali Asaf. After years of separation they meet up again but not as a teacher and It is about the impossible love of the young people of the two families who have hostility among themselves. The mysterious death of the rightful heir ends the rule of the ancient dynasty, leading to a power struggle.

The mystery of Godunov's rise to power, deceitful conspiracies, and destruction of his family are unveiled in this major saga. Demir and Selin, who claim in the same house and who are stubborn, are forced to live together. As if this is not enough, the company will become inevitable when someone comes to the company he works for and the other as manager.

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Aziz is the sole manager of the holding that was founded by his father and his mother. From the moment he fell in love with Feride, he began to question himself and his life. But there is a Sanem, a young girl with aspirations of becoming a writer, is forced by her parents to choose between an arranged marriage and finding a proper job. Rushing into a new job at an advertising company, she soon falls for her boss, Jan.

Muhtesem Ikili is an adaption of the famous American movie, Tango and Cash. Barca and MKC, are forced to come together Nineteen-year-old Anna, living at the end of the nineteenth century in the town of Zatonsk, unexpectedly discovers that she possesses supernatural powers. The spirits of the dead literallyTV Schedule. Sign In.

sultan of my heart episode 11

Season: 1. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Sultan Mahmut, who is involved in the people, meets Anna who teaches at the Russian Embassy.

The Sultan wants Anna, who she knows to be a teacher, to come to the court and teach his children. S1, Ep2. For the throne the Mahmud is resorting to every possible way to weaken. The convergence of Anna with the Sultan leads Hosyar to direct all the arrows to Anna.

Hosyar has a plan for Anna. S1, Ep3.

Deewangi - Episode 16 -- English Subtitles -- 1st April 2020 - HAR PAL GEO

Sultan Mahmud brings Anna back to the sphere after learning the truth. While Musa and Namik Pasha tried to find the place where the flour was kept, the Sultan approached the place behind this bad plan. S1, Ep4. Anna is aware of the sentiments of Sultan Mahmud and decides to stay away from it, but how is that possible?

Anna, threatened with the death of her father, finally decides to tell the Sultan everything. S1, Ep5. Anna lost the letter that she was an informant. Anna, trying to avoid the feelings of Sultan Mahmud, is aware that everything will be upset if the letter comes out. S1, Ep6. This is spread in the palace in a short time.Thanks for your great effort!

I've spent so much time here on this blog. I've a question though, what happened to Anastasia Tsilimpiou, the previous actor of Kosem? Thank you so much for your work!!!!

May you have happy holidays with your family and loved ones!!!! Thanks a lot for this great summary of kosem sultan you really did a great work. Loves for you a great translation, thanks for make my day, go on, you're doing well, it's great to find someone to help others, thanks. Kosem Sultan Episode 7 Translation. Anastasia's monologue; I am Anastasia, my mother's first darling child, my father's one and only, my sibling's dear, my name is the fresh blossom from the almond tree that has seen no storm, the sea with no waves.

I was someone else's dream. A shehzade's dream. When does the seed split and settle in the earth? Who says it is the time for it to open? When does a child grow? What makes him grow? His sibling's musky smell?


His mother and father's aching hearts? I am Anastasia, the one who hid from even a drop of rain, I am now ready to sacrifice myself.

Even one of my hopeless and lifeless days are worth an entire lifetime. I am coming. Farewell childhood, farewell my past. I have opened my wings. I am ready to give my life for love. I am Anastasia, I am going to greet eh sky for the first time. Fire in my veins, stars lit in me eyes - with these I am coming to give birth to myself. I fastened love as my armour to my chest. And strapped my innocence on like a sword, I walk atop thorns.

I am coming to leave my name behind in this world The commotion continues and Dervish tells his men to be ready both the archers and the men with the canons.

Anastasia appears and tells the rioters to stop and listen to her, then turns to Dervish. Safiye who is watching is shocked, oh my God, is this Mahpeyker? Bulbul, I swear by God, it is her Sultanim, how did she get out there, she must have lost her mind!

Handan arrives to watch just as Anastasia is heard shouting down below "I am Sultan Ahmet Han's favourite. I was just with our Hunkar, Our Padishah has not died!

He is still alive. He is breathing. Same with Sh. Then, a lady the fortuneteller one is peeping from the wall.Sign In. Mahmud 8 episodes, Aleksandra Nikiforova Bezmi-i Alem 8 episodes, Tuncer Salman Halit Efendi 8 episodes, Taner Rumeli Amber Aga 8 episodes, Sadi Celil Cengiz Zahir 8 episodes, Dmitriy Shcherbina Ayperi 8 episodes, Gamze Doganoglu Jean Pierre 8 episodes, Aslihan Malbora Saliha Sultan 8 episodes, Yilmaz Meydaneri Hayrettin Aga 8 episodes, Acelya Devrim Yilhan Sadrazam Mehmed Pasa 7 episodes, Gizem Denizci Edit page.

Add episode. Turkish tv watching currently. Watched Turkish Shows. Favorite TV Shows. Startwishlist TV Shows. Share this page:. Clear your history. Mahmud 8 episodes, Anna 8 episodes, Esma Sultan 8 episodes, Namik Pasa 8 episodes, Bezmi-i Alem 8 episodes, Halit Efendi 8 episodes, Musa Aga 8 episodes, Amber Aga 8 episodes, Zahir 8 episodes, Ayperi 8 episodes, Sineperver Sultan 8 episodes, Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sunday, April 19, Dizicentral — Television Entertainment from Turkey. Share on Facebook. Uffff Anna, ufff. Neyse, she leaves and floats to her room with her head in the clouds.

As Anna opens the door, and reminisces about what could have been, Hoysar comes at her like a big wet super soaker and douses that flame of desire. She knows that this, above all, will break Anna. Nicolai is back in Istanbul and ready to take Anna back. This is going to be trouble for Anna. Esma is not buying into it but when it comes time for her to leave, she pretends to faint and Esma has no choice but to let her stay a little longer. Namik and Musa have become really close friends and Namik believes that Musa has a big heart and would be a great husband for Gulfidan.

Poor Gulfidan is being stabbed in the back by Esma and her heart unintentionally broken by Namik. As they are talking, Namik sees that the Sultan is troubled and he broaches the subject. Namik tells him that he needs to open up to her and tell her openly what he feels. The Sultan reminds Namik that a Sultan would never go to a woman and confess his feelings, that he shows her with is actions.

Namik explains that women are different, they think differently, and need to hear this directly and not just with behaviors. Sometimes men are so sensitive…. Ayperi asks her what she thinks the Sultan feels for her and Anna tells her that she thinks the feelings are the same but that the relationship is impossible. Oh Anna, you are in for a fight between your head and your heart. The Sultan is not happy with the list and tells Halit that the people he put together were the cause of the problems in the first place and that new blood, and ideas, were needed in this council if true reform were to be reached.

After that, the Sultan wanted her to teach his children. He thinks she lives in the harem but her father sets him straight. Nicolai is upset that she broke up with him to move into the palace. Nicolai, you need to get back on that ship and sail away my friend. The Sultan calls Anna to start his assault in courting her and decides to take her horseback riding.